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Rambunctious Review welcomes you.


Chicago's literary magazine seeks out rambunctious writers, poets, graphic artists, photographers, and readers, as we have for the last 28 years. We have published hundreds of writers from all over the world - some well-known, others we have proudly published for the first time. We are a struggling, not-for-profit organization and have received literary awards and arts council grants. Mostly we depend on generous friends, writers, and "the kindness of strangers." We seek out the new, (but do not scoff at the timeless), the insightful, the visionary, the funny, and more.
Are you rambunctious?

Contests! Contests! A little money and a little glory... Theme: Evolution.

We have our winners in our Rambunctious Review poetry, fiction, graphic arts, and photography contests. Check out our latest winners on this site.


Rambunctious Review
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